Toast to Caribbean…

At last the hard work of Gibson, Sammy & Co. paid off.The Caribbeans were touted as the team to watch-out for & they did not disappoint.
This win, was not the one with the characteristic Caribbean flavour but it was the result of hard work-ethic incorporated by Otis Gibson & unlike India, every player was treated as a player & the management seemed more interested in what was in the best interests of Cricket, than trying to appease the masses & media.
They had been invovled in unhandsome & ugly fights with Gayle, the WI player’s Association(who knows who was correct!), but once the Fog of misunderstandings was lifted, the key players became available & the West_Indies were a reformed side.And winning the T20 World-Cup would be a great aphrodisiac for the Caribbeans who had watched their International side touch Nadir after the highs of 70’s & 80’s.
One can only hope to see if they can carry this zeal, form & hunger in the longer formats of the game, which, if they can keep their heads calm & not get carried away, would not be that much far-off…

Hearty Congratulations once again to the World Champions!!



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